Ann Taylor

Project: The Suiting Collection

Role: Brand Marketing Manager, Strategy, Project Management

The Ann Taylor Spring 2019 suiting collection was the largest assortment for the brand to date with an expansion of more modern silhouettes, colors, and versatile fabrications. The launch of The Suiting Collection landing page, lays the groundwork for showcasing suiting in different ways, inspiring fashionable professional clients with breadth and styling options available. The project further established Ann Taylor as the go-to destination for women's workwear. It also introduced Ann Taylor's Corporate Sales initiative, targeting businesses for outfitting employees. 

Landing Page

Precision-cut tailoring, Luxurious Fabrics - the suiting landing experience looks to inspire her with hero suiting images, silhouette laydowns, and outfit making accessories for a pop of color to keep the entire experience feeling feminine.

Visitors can shop by fabrication, product category, and through Stylitics, a web partner that suggests outfitting options based on shopping habits.

Web Experience

In addition to a custom landing page, the site supported additional points of contact including:

  • Homepage Banners

  • Category Banners

  • In-Grid Creative

  • Mega Menu

The team also utilized Stylitics, a styling third party vendor, to create outfitting based on dress code, and fabrication to provide inspiration.


Social + Paid Media

The Suiting Collection launch was supported across all social channels with organic posts, paid media placement, influencer partnerships, and celebrity gifting. 

Targeted Emails

Emails were segmented into groups including:

  • Previous Suiting Buyers

  • Special Sizes (i.e. Petite and Tall)

  • General Full-File Subscribers

P2s, or email banner placements, were included in other non-suiting emails to support ongoing messaging. 

In-Store Lookbook

To elevate the suiting experience in key suiting stores, we developed a physical lookbook, complete with fabric swatches. The first option is to shop by fabrication, so the shopper is able to see what types of silhouettes she can pair together to create the head to toe look. The second, is to shop by category, finding her favorite fit in a variety of prints and patterns. A digital version was provided to all stores for sales support.

Corporate Sales 

A part of the increased assortment in suiting, Ann Taylor launched their Corporate Sales initiative, supported by a lead generating landing page, email banners, paid LinkedIn media, and digital lookbook.