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The Rafaella Spring 2020 Campaign shoot was planned as a catch all for two purposes. First, to provide imagery for marketing purposes on social media and for use in campaigns. The second, to update in store signage and streamline fit guide signage. Being a two day shoot, it was challenging to capture the number of images needed and various messages, but thanks to a talented crew and star model, we exceeded the number of images captured and added additional looks on set. We were able to deliver the seasonal photoshoot at a 61% cost decrease to seasons prior.

Rafaella believes in the perfect fitting clothing, for any size. So it was important that the models be relatable and in the brand's sample size 8. Building on our long standing relationship with America's Next Top Model, Khrystana, we were able to capture images that reflect the confidence Rafaella clothes bring. Because of price constraints, the shoot had no on set styling, so we worked with various grounds to create interest and provide variation to the images. The addition of new fabrics and textures lent itself to more fluid movement. The brand stands behind their collection of prints and value added details, so focused shots highlighted the small details that stand out.


Project: Spring 2020 Campaign

Role: Marketing Manager,

On Set Direction

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