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Ann Taylor

Project: Infinite Style

Role: Brand Marketing Manager, Strategy, Project Management

In 2017, Ann Taylor launched an exploratory subscription box program, called Infinite Style. The program itself was managed by an outside vendor that handled fulfillment and a dedicated creative team for Infinite Style specific assets to ease the workload of the in in-house team. As the program manager, I provided creative feedback and marketing direction as handling all the budgetary and legal internal aspects. Since this was an exploratory program, we executed photoshoots, design, and support on a very limited budget. In addition to a yearly laydown photoshoot, we utilized select Ann Taylor imagery within creative. 

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As part of the test pilot, the support strategy was limited by a small budget. To utilize every dollar spent, we explored various activations and took advantage of Ann Taylor's already robust mailing list and store locations. In addition to ideating growth opportunities, we worked with merchandising to create product led messages to members to encourage closeting and continued use.


Separate from the Ann Taylor website, the Infinite Style site was created by a third party vendor to manage subscriptions and provide fashion inspiration. After signing up, subscribers are prompted to "closet" items they wish to receive in their boxes. Special features like "Item Prioritization" and "Hold" allow users to craft their ideal closet and adjust items based on season.

Users are driven to the website through email, paid media, and homepage placement on the Ann Taylor Website.

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Infinite Style did not own separate social media accounts. Instead, we worked hand in hand with the Ann Taylor social team to utilize the existing Ann Taylor social following. Both organic and paid media were utilized to increase followers and support growth.


A key driver to growth was utilization of the Ann Taylor email list. In addition to monthly full-file emails, we created a series of targeted emails cadences including:

  • Previous Infinite Style Engagers

  • Dress Buyers

  • Chronic Returners

  • YOY Spend flat over 12 months

  • YOY spend decrease over 12 months.

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Infinite Style Email2.png
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Nothing says more about brand than the way they package their products. We sought to elevate the experience by creating bright and inviting boxes, colorful return bags, customized tissue paper, logo stickers, and a printed accordion fold brochure with instructions for the first box.

We also partnered with our store communications teams to encourage shoppers to sign up through bag inserts and store kiosks.



The product release cadence was slightly different than the average Ann Taylor customer is use to. Instead of monthly New Arrivals, Infinite Style release new product weekly in order to prompt more frequent visitation to the site. As one customer may receive both Ann Taylor and Infinite Style emails, we spoke to the trends and key items of the delivery, but cross referenced to ensure no copy or messaging was reused.

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