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The goal of a Brand Marketer is to cultivate strong brand recognition through campaigns, creative, and messaging that feel fresh and new while still aligned with the overall brand aesthetic and business goals. Behind the scenes, careful thought and planning go into every aspect - from one-off SMS messages to omni channel campaigns. How do we want to be perceived? What is the intended goal for this project? Who is our target audience? Brand Marketing falls at the crossroads of creative and strategy - only successful if both are taken into consideration.

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A beautifully designed campaign does nothing if it's not highlighting key product and supporting business goals. In order to create a successful and thoughtful strategy, it's imperative to work with cross-functional partners to identify opportunities and product benefits.  


  • Seasonal Planning

  • PLC Management

  • Messaging Strategies

  • Concept Creation

  • New Service Launches


Crafting an omni-channel campaign is more than having a great idea - it's understanding how that idea takes shape in each channel. As Brand Marketing Manager, it's my responsibility to create this 360 degree picture and ensure that each individual part ladders up to the overall campaign message and intent.

  • Photo Strategy

  • Creative Development + Management

  • Brief Development

  • Budget Management

  • Channel Execution

  • Project Management + Timeline



The mastery of storytelling is rooted in planning. Finding ways to make a complex combination of product messaging, promo cadences and brand building align and feel and effortless - even through it's not.

  • Editorial Messaging

  • Campaign Ideation

  • Promo Strategy

  • Charitable Initiatives

  • In-Store Activations

  • Product Launches


Nothing feels more put together than an expertly designed pitch deck that highlights your messaging and draws potential collaborations and partnerships. Streamlined and aspirational showcases not only what it is, but what it could be.

  • Collection + Capsule Launches

  • Pitch Decks

  • Brand Books

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